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What Scott Stands For...

          As Sheriff I will refocus the Cecil County Sheriff's Office efforts on our county's number one crime problem.... DRUGS

Drugs are the root of all evil. They destroy lives and families. They tax every resource in the county. They deter business. We can not afford to have this problem continue on its present course. We need to beef up our Cecil County Drug Task Force and Street Level Crimes Unit.  We need to give our patrol deputies more training in interdiction and we need to continue our education programs we run in the schools.  I believe that the drug problem is Economics 101, supply and demand.  We need to attack the supply and curb the demand. We can’t do this alone.  This has to be a total cooperative effort, from law enforcement, prosecutors, Health Department, Family Services, the school system; right down to individual communities.  (# 1101 is a winner,) CCSO must bring back it's K-9 unit, add deputies to the Street Level Crimes Unit, as well as adding investigators to the Cecil County Drug Task Force. Where others talk about this, I know how to get it done. My Chief Deputy Gerry Widdoes and I know how to find the money, train the people, and build partnerships to get this done.


I will work in partnership with County and Local Government Leaders

I understand the difficulties of budgetary restraints. Every dollar the Sheriff's Office spends has to count.
It would be my job as Sheriff to evaluate our needs, prioritize them and present them to the County Executive.  I know that our County Executive and County Council hold public safety in the highest regard and I am confident that we would have a very productive working relationship that would benefit both the citizens of Cecil County and the employees of the Sheriff's Office.

I will focus on the most important and visible part of CCSO, our Patrol Deputies

The number one complaint that I hear from our Patrol Deputies is the patrol schedule. I can, and will, fix this. It is not as easy as some may think; there are many factors to consider, but it will get done. Our Deputies work hard and deserve a schedule that allows them more time with their families away from the stress of police work. Our Deputies need to know that hard work can and will create opportunities for training and career advancement.We ask a tremendous amount of our Deputies, as Sheriff I know I have to give them the tools, training and time to be Cecil County's Finest.

Cecil County's Future, our Children....

Cecil County's future leaders are in our schools today. I am very proud of the role I have played during my career at the Sheriff's Office in the School Resource Unit. I helped develop, implement, maintain and enforce the current safe school policies.  I have an outstanding relationship with the leadership team at Cecil County Public Schools and I am confident that will continue.  I take children's safety with the utmost seriousness. We have to continue to learn from the unspeakable tragedies that have happened in our nation’s schools over the past several years. We can never sit back and be complacent and just assume it could never happen here.  We have to be on the cutting edge of prevention, identification, and elimination of any threat that would want to come into a school and harm our children.

Where does Scott stand on the 2nd Amendment and those who might seek to weaken our rights?
Please take a moment to read Scott's answer to a voter's question on this important issue.

Dear Ann B.
First, I want to let you know that I'm a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. I was a gun owner and hunter long before I entered law enforcement and have continued to exercise my Constitutional right to do so to this day. I have passed those same values down to my sons and have watched my oldest become quite an accomplished hunter. Having said that, I know this is a much deeper issue than simply protecting the rights of hunters; it involves our fundamental right to bear arms for our own defense.

Now, to answer your Constitutional Sheriff question. I will tell you that I don't have much of an affection for labels. I also don't have any use for those who pretend to have a certain set of values to earn a particular label that they feel may gain them certain rights and benefits. I believe each of us has a responsibility to act independently based on the facts as they unfold, relying on our core values and our faith as a rule and guide. Therefore, I can tell you that if I see any of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Cecil County being violated, including the Second Amendment, I will do what is necessary and proper to protect those rights. I won't do it in a "knee jerk" fashion or unnecessarily put people's lives in danger. I will do what must be done based on the situation to protect our fundamental Constitutional rights as United States Citizens. I mean this sincerely, and not just as a canned political response. PLEASE SHARE if you agree.

For anyone looking for further clarification on my feelings on Americans and our Right to Bear Arms please feel free to send me an e-mail at

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